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Quiz Bowl / PBIS October & November Assembly

We are pleased to share that Wednesday, November 27, following a brief Pep Rally for our Quiz Bowl team, we held our October / November Positive Behavior raffle assembly, where we celebrated our students for Trying Hard, Coming Prepared, Communicating Respect, and Showing Kindness during these months! It was a great way to finish this short week before the Thanksgiving Holiday.

TOP EARNERS: While we are proud of all of our students who earned Tornado Tickets during the months of October and November, we highlighted the following top ticket earners from each grade level to congratulate and recognize them for their positive behavior (with the number of tickets earned shown in parentheses):

Kindergarten: October – Madison B, Leah M, Abrielle U (5), Alexandra B (7) November – Alexandra B, Jayden C, Leah M, Madison B, Sofia D (4), Ethan B (5)

1st-2nd Grade: October – Evan G, Elon R, Hannah L (9) November – Mikayla C (8), Naomi G (9), Elon R (11)

3rd-4th Grade: October – Sabrina C, Mina M, Branden G (8), Arianna E (13) November – Arianna E, Branden G, Douglas A, Jahzara R, Madalyn C, Sabrina C, Sebastian F (5) Jayden J (6), Mina M (7)










5th-6th Grade: October – Susanna N (17), Natalia D (18), Andres R (21) November – Andres R, Parker L (8), Jayden C (9)

7th-8th Grade: October – Savannah C, Carmen B (11), Jordan B (12), Lila B (13) November – Emma F, Amali J (5), Demi S (8)

RAFFLE WINNERS: Following the recognition of our top earners, we proceeded to the raffle portion of the assembly, where the following winners were randomly drawn for both October and November.

OCTOBER: (Pizza Lunch with Ms. Torres & Mr. Gallo) – 5 winners per grade level Kindergarten: Elizabeth G, Elijah G, Layla L, Lana B, Lani T 1st-2nd Grade: Madison A, Kyle B, Ella B, Courtnee-R F, Alyssa A 3rd-4th Grade: Orli M, Mina M, Mikayla A, Lianni B, Caroline Y 5th-6th Grade: Soleil H, Karim M, Nalini T, Jackson H, Gianna G 7th-8th Grade: Carmen B, Daniel G, Josue P, Daniel C, Taylor I

NOVEMBER: (Extra Recess period in Gym with a Friend) – 5 winners per grade level Kindergarten: Layla N, Zayva E, Avraham H, Miguel M, Kassidy S 1st-2nd Grade: Hannah L, Vanessa Z, Micah M, Christopher P, Milan H 3rd-4th Grade: MonaLisa G, Justin P, Jonathan F, Branden G, Brielle M 5th-6th Grade: Michael S, Alyssa L, London C, Jackson H, Malcolm T 7th-8th Grade: Devonne D, Jonuwelle B, Maggie T, Shaye A, Amir H

OCTOBER: First Prize (Teaneck Cinema Gift Card) – 1 winner per grade level Kindergarten: Alexandra B 1st-2nd Grade: Bella J 3rd-4th Grade: Justin P 5th-6th Grade: Georgina M 7th-8th Grade: Elena G

NOVEMBER: First Prize (Bowler City Gift Certificate) – 1 winner per grade level Kindergarten: Elizabeth G 1st-2nd Grade: Evan G 3rd-4th Grade: Gabriella I 5th-6th Grade: Neysa S 7th-8th Grade: Ryan L

OCTOBER: Grand Prize (Dave & Buster’s Gift Card) – 1 winner Alexa M (Grade 7)

NOVEMBER: Grand Prize (Dave & Buster’s Gift Card) – 1 winner Emelisse D (Grade 6)

Many thanks to all of our teachers and staff for helping to support our positive behavior program, as well as to all of our students for their efforts in Trying Hard, Coming Prepared, Communicating Respect, and Showing Kindness. We are proud of you…