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1st Annual Chorus & Band Concert

December 19, 2019 marked the first Band and Chorus Concert at TCCS and it was quite the occasion! The concert featured 5/6 Band, 5/6 Chorus, 7/8 Band, and 7/8 Chorus. Students have been hard at work since September learning how to sing, how to play their new instruments, and how to perform in an ensemble. Between instrument rental delays, a room change, and time crunches, students were able to face these challenges head-on. Students meet for a limited amount of time per week so to learn all they did in just a mere 15 weeks is truly a reflection of their adversity and dedication to this new program at TCCS.

None of this would be possible without the support from the TCCS Board of Trustees, Mr. Gallo, and Ms. Torres. Their support for the expansion of the Performing Arts Program at TCCS is essential. Our families deserve a huge shout-out as the students are the ones putting in the time and effort, and the parents/families are the ones supporting them. Without the families, this program would not be possible, either.
Thank you for all who attended and we look forward to seeing you at the Spring Concert!