School Lunch

Cost:  $4 per meal, per day

Payment: Debit/Credit Card or Electronic Check

Before you can order lunch, you must create an account by adding your student(s) names and payment methods.  You will need your student’s “Student ID Number”, which can be found on Parent Portal.

Please take a moment to review the following brief video tutorials for these initial steps:


To provide this service, the cost of lunch now includes a 16 cent internet convenience fee for each meal purchased using a debit/credit card or $1.75 transfer fee per order purchased using an electronic check.  All lunch orders are NON-REFUNDABLE, so please pay special attention to the field trip dates that are included on the posted lunch menu and on the school website.  If you accidentally order lunch for a day that your student has a trip, you will be issued a credit for the following month. However, we ask that you please make every effort to avoid ordering lunch on trip days.

*Lunch orders CANNOT be added after the posted order deadline.  Sorry, no exceptions can be made.*


If you have any questions (or run into technical difficulties), please contact support at 800-572-6642 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. ET Monday-Friday.  You can also contact Mr. Gallo at if you have any other questions about our new lunch system.


Free and Reduced ($2) lunch is available for families that meet specific income guidelines.  Applications are accepted online, please click the link at the top of this page. Even if you received this aid last year, you must reapply. If circumstances change, you may reapply during the school year. Proof of income will be required to qualify for this program. Do not hesitate to use this program if you qualify. Confidentiality of all applicants is assured.

If you have not received confirmation that you are eligible for free or reduced lunch, you will have to pay full price.  Orders can not be processed without payment unless you have been identified as eligible for free or reduced lunch. Note:  Even if you do qualify for free or reduced lunch, you still must provide a payment method in the system to order lunch. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, but do not place an order in the system, your child will receive cereal for lunch.  All orders are based on what is entered into the system and there are NO extras available.


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Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying of any kind is not tolerated at TCCS. You can read more about this in the school's official policy on this matter.  You can click below to view the the official school HIB Grade Report.


Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
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