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About Us

TCCS Mission Statement

It is the mission of (TCCS) Teaneck Community Charter School to provide a nurturing environment in which students realize their full intellectual potential and become self-directed learners, who make both pragmatic and creative use of basic skills and who understand and appreciate the cultural diversity of our society. The faculty, staff, parents, extended family, and other members of a child’s support network are committed to creating and operating a student-centered “learning community” which promotes and supports a child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge. This learning community will follow a “living curriculum” — an experiential, interdisciplinary study that encompasses literacy, critical thinking, and responsible social interaction while empowering each child to demonstrate his/her unique interests and abilities.
The Teaneck Community Charter School (TCCS) is part of a national initiative to improve the quality of public education. Charter school legislation was created to allow groups of parents and educators to create innovative educational alternatives within their own communities. Charter schools are public schools, funded with public money. They charge no tuition, and are open to all district children. New Jersey charter schools are accountable to the State Commissioner of Education. TCCS is committed to developing a model that can be replicated across the nation.

Special Features

  • Small classes
  • Student population that is culturally, racially, economically and academically diverse.
  • Parents are full partners in their children’s education. Families work together as a community to improve the physical environment, enrich education and participate in governance.
  • Environmental studies, visual and performing arts integrated into the curriculum and daily school life
  • Ongoing expeditionary learning (“School Without Walls”) ensures that children interact with the rich resources of their social, cultural and natural world
  • Unique partnerships with community institutions and organizations
  • Twice as many applicants as available placements in the school. Admission is by lottery.

Educational Philosophy

  • Students work in diverse, cooperative teams to produce tangible results
  • Students use computers and technology in all aspects of their education from Kindergarten until graduation
  • Small group instruction ensures that all students meet high standards of literacy and numeracy
  • Students are empowered to utilize higher order thinking skills, to take responsibility for their actions, and to solve problems independently and creatively
  • Real-world, hands-on projects encourage students to apply the skills they gain in the classroom
  • Parents are full partners in their children’s education. Families work together to improve the physical environment, enrich education and participate in governance.

TCCS Initiatives

  • Involve parents and community in building a new model of education.
  • Create a successful model that can be replicated.
  • Foster a partnership with the private sector in providing innovative instructional systems.
  • Offer a fresh approach that sets a new norm of success in public education.
  • Demonstrate fiscal accountability while pushing the envelope of public education.
  • Produce an educated workforce that is fully prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century.

Getting involved

  • TCCS is actively seeking partners to help fulfill our mission as a school. In order to serve as a national demonstration model, we need the help of committed partners in the public and private sector.
  • TCCS receives only 90% of the per pupil district expenditure. Charter school legislation does not allow for capital improvements.
  • Your investment into TCCS will help to build alternative public schools that move beyond the rhetoric and begin to prepare students to work in a rapidly-changing, diverse and technologically advanced society.
  • The rewards of this investment are countless. Not only will you help children succeed, but your investment will help us create a vision for public education in the 21st Century.