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Before Care Program Pre-Registration

Program Description:

Parents may drop their child(ren) at the school no sooner than 7:30 A.M., during which time a cold cereal breakfast will be provided by TCCS in the cafeteria. The Before Care Program students will stay in the cafeteria until the start of the academic day, at which time children will proceed to their homeroom.Staffing:
A TCCS staff member will coordinate the program and be the go-to staff member for questions or concerns.


The cost for the program is $100 per month per student, which equates to approximately $5.00 per day. Siblings would receive a 10% discount. Payment for the program is remitted on the 15th of the month prior to the month of service. For example: if your child is attending the Before Care Program in November, payment must be made by October 15th. The cost of the program remains fixed for the month whether your child comes 5 days per week or fewer days per week.

Emergency Drop Off:

For those parents who do not enroll their child(ren) in the Before Care Program but yet have an emergency situation arise where they need to drop off their child(ren), we offer an Emergency Drop Off rate of $20 for the morning. There is a graduated scale of cost for the Emergency Drop Off that increases by $10.00 per additional day within the same month. For example: a second time of emergency drop off in the same month will increase the per day rate to $30.00; a third time in the same month will increase the per day rate to $40.00 and so on.

If you are interested in participating in the “Before Care Program” at TCCS, please submit the following information.